Mongolia`s rivers

We have explored every major taimen and trout river in the country and personally selected what we believe to be the finest fly angling rivers.  Our two fly-fishing locations – Trout Mongolia – are situated four hundred miles (650 kilometers) apart.  Although both rivers offer very unique and quite different fishing experiences, they share a commonality of great service, productive fisheries, spectacular scenery, and waters exceptionally well suited to the fly angler.

When most folks imagine Mongolia, they visualize the Gobi desert or the vast grassland steppe.   Very few are familiar with northern Mongolia.  This is a place of snowcapped mountains, vast forests, and meadows filled with wild flowers.  There are thousands of miles of rivers and lakes in northern Mongolia.  This is the land of the taimen and trouts.

Northern Mongolia sits at the top of two of Asia’s major watersheds.  The northwestern rivers drain into the Yenisei River and the Arctic Ocean and the eastern rivers drain into the Amur River and the Pacific Ocean.

Although taimen are found in both catchments, there are only four rivers in Mongolia where international anglers may legally fish. Trout Mongolia is exclusively responsible for all international angling at one of these rivers.  The government has designated both locations as “Taimen Sanctuaries”. No international angler may legally access these rivers without a permit secured through either Trout Mongolia.

Together, these two rivers represent over 400 miles of taimen habitat conserved in partnership with local communities. At both locations, we use non-motorized drift boats to reach a string of isolated, environmentally progressive, and very comfortable “glamp” camps.  This allows us to provide a limited number of guests exclusive access to literally hundreds of miles of very fresh river.

Trout Mongolia operates on western Mongolia’s most awe-inspiring taimen and trout stream.  We manage international angling on the entire upper watershed.  This beautiful freestone river flows for nearly one hundred and fifty miles through a magnificent canyon.  The limestone and granite cliffs rise hundreds of feet above the river.  Steep gorges filled larch and birch forests cascade towards the valley floor.  Extremely large taimen lie in wait within the easily negotiated rapids and rock gardens.  Banks covered with willows give way to deep pools, sparkling braids, and wide gravel bars.  The scenery and fishing are both world class.


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