Who we are

A world-class professional fly-fishing team dedicated to protecting Mongolian taimen and trouts.  

We’ve been fly-fishing for Mongolian trouts longer than just about anyone.  Our remote fly-fishing camps provide access to hundreds of miles of Mongolian rivers.  There is no one better staffed and equipped for this kind of trip.

We are particularly proud of our camp staff and guide team. These folks are on a Mongolian river from June through October every year.  You’ll enjoy their knowledge and enthusiasm for the country, drift-boat operations, fly-fishing, and taimen conservation.

KEB LLC is the parent company responsible for both operations.   KEB LLC is a fully licensed Mongolian company.  The company is one of Mongolia’s mid-sized tour operators.  The KEB LLC office and full-time professional staff are located at the very center of Ulaanbaatar.


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